At MPMV Limited, we are not only offering quotes, we care about your health and we will choose the appropriate cover to suit your needs.
Trust our 29 years of experience. Get your peace of mind.

Our wide-range of international health insurance plans to help meet the needs of individuals, families, students and groups


MPMV Limited is a medical health insurance Agency with no  fees and advisory firm specialising in individuals, families and groups worldwide.


It goes without saying that if you choose to live away from your home country it is vital that you get health insurance. An international health insurance policy is an ideal way of ensuring that you have access to quality healthcare anywhere in the world. Whether you and your family are taking a short period trip overseas or planning to relocate to a foreign country, a family health insurance will provide medical insurance that will meet your family’s health requirements.


However, with a Plethora of health insurance broker and adviser firms flooding the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. With a mammoth 27 year of experience, we at MPMV Limited will help you as an expatriate in every step of the way in terms of finding the best international health insurance solution with amazing benefits, quality of service and an international medical coverage to suit your needs and requirement.

Our wide-range of international health insurance plans help meet the needs of individuals, families and businesses

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