About MPMV Limited in Bristol

About Us

MARYSE PIQUE is the founder of MPMV Limited, and we have 27 years of experience in the health insurance market. It is not just a number but valuable commitments to our work and customers.

We are dedicated, genuine professional broker with good reputation and our wish is to simplify the life of our customers by helping them to find the best health insurance possible with good value for money. We simply do the shopping for them.

We do not apply any broker fees. Our service is Free.

We make sure to listen to our customers to satisfy them and deliver a good standard of service to meet their needs and demands.

We have a good knowledge in the health insurance industry. Our extensive experience brought us to create health insurance contract, to process application forms, collect premiums to the payment of claims.

Our past experiences make us know what are the customer’s expectations.

We can communicate in English and French.

Our Core Values Are Your Guarantees

No one wants to be abroad with a large medical bill without insurance. Before your expatriation, be assured to leave with your international health insurance plan.

At MPMV Limited, we will help you as an expatriate to find the best health insurance solution with excellent benefits, quality of service and an international medical coverage to suit your needs and demands.