International Health Insurance Matters

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

In our shrinking world it is easier than ever for people to travel from country to country either because they have to relocate for work purposes or they intend to live abroad for a period of time.

Everyone is aware of the sensible requirement for travel insurance when travelling abroad on holiday but this form of insurance is often very limited in scope and of course is only valid for a set period of time. If you are planning to relocate abroad for reasons other than holidays, for any significant length of time or wanted peace of mind, you should look at taking out private international health insurance, which is more flexible in nature.

What is private international health insurance?

It is designed to provide a much more comprehensive level of cover specifically for those who reside abroad whether ex-pats or business people. Because you never know when something unexpected is going to happen, an accident or sudden illness perhaps, you need to know that you have in place a policy designed for all situations. International health insurance covers not only emergency situations but routine medical diagnoses and care as well.

It can provide you with a greater choice in which doctor you can see, what treatment you can have and it can cover repatriation costs if necessary. It will also give access to a 24 hours customer services helpline. One of the best things about an International health insurance policy is that ongoing medical care costs are covered usually until you are fully recovered, unlike travel insurance which generally provides a minimum basic cover until you can get back to the home country to continue your recovery there. All this is crucial when you find yourself in a country where you are perhaps unfamiliar with the language and the health service culture.

In short, an international health insurance policy could, depending on the type of policy, cover you for things like:

Hospital stays and routine check-ups

Outpatient treatment

Maternity care

Dental care

Emergency treatment and care

Repatriation if you need to return to your home country

And it can cover you for some pre-existing and/or chronic conditions, something that many travel insurance policies exclude although you often don’t realise this until you read the small print.

Before venturing beyond these shores it’s important to organise some form of health and medical cover because you just never know what’s around the corner and a comprehensive private international health insurance policy is essential for you and your family’s peace of mind.

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