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What We Do

Before taking your health Insurance policy, you may ask yourself what you really need to be cover for.

Make your own list and decide which cover you are looking for and contact MPMV Limited, as a professional, we can help you in your choice.

You can have basic health insurance as in-patient treatments and day-care surgery or have an extended policy including out-patient treatments and much more.

You can also build your cover by adding option to the basic cover.
We will let you know all you have to know about the policy who suits you best.

Every individual, student and company have their own needs and expectations. By knowing the current state, we can provide Health Insurance Plan with flexibility and accuracy.


We do not only listen, we talk and by doing so, we are able to keep you transparently aware of your options.


Finding you the health insurance plan and Insurers that meets and exceeds your needs. We can find you various covers such as; Out-Patient, In-Patient, Hospistalisation, Dental and so much more.

We Accompany You

WE ACCOMPANY YOU – Even after finding a match for your requirements, and we will continue to be there for you